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Meteor hits Australia

International Networks Archive \\ Remapping Our World

Water will become more valuable than oil.

5 Steps To Being More Photogenic - Digital Camera University

Nice smile. This must be a new fashion trend "Photoshop look alike"

Image:London , Kodachrome by Chalmers Butterfield.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1940's London. They had traffic jams back then too.

Concert Ticket Generator

If you build it they will come.

Big Money In Small Houses? |

You won't be able to fit Sung-Jin Kim's screens in this house. (See post below)

Yoyo Man * Free

"Reach for the Moon," "Loop the Loop," and many more tricks in the familiar repertoir of yoyo virtosos were created by a group of professional demonstrators, mostly Filipino, hired by the Duncan Yoyo Company during the Depression. Nemo Concepcion was among the first such demonstrators, and the originator of many tricks. Filmmaker John Bishop describes his first encounter with a yoyo man:

"I fell under the yoyo's spell on the first really hot day of Spring in the endless year of fifth grade. A yoyo demonstrator appeared unheralded at the corner of the playground. 'Spinner,' he announced as the yoyo flew from his hand to sleep at his feet. 'Around the world,' it whizzed through a 360 degree arc. 'Walk the Dog,' and the yoyo bounced along the sidewalk as he minced behind it like a man walking a miniature poodle. This shopworn man of foreign mien brought magic to that hot and tired playground."
For Bishop the yoyo man "became a …

Sung-Jin Kim's homepage

How did he get this through his front door?